Roadster terminé (Roadster completed) - Cliquer sur l'image :

Roadster terminé (Roadster completed) - Cliquer sur l'image :
5 octobre 2014

lundi 26 novembre 2012

Parts Ford Sierra For Sale

Ford Sierra body shell + Parts

Bare body-shell of Ford Sierra CLX 1992. Very good value for the amount of steel.
Also ideal ideal for rebuilding your street race or folk race car.
Parts still fitted on the shell:

  • front and rear seats
  • half of the interior plastics covers
  • 2 front lights+blinkers+wipers
  • 2 rear lights
  • 2 front shock absorbers + spring
  • 2 rear springs
  • Water radiator + hoses
  • power steering rack + power steering pump + power steering fluid tank, all connected, ready to be re-used
  • heating unit + hoses
  • accelerator pedal
  • front seat belts buckles
  • rear seat belts
  • fuel tank

Parts not fitted on the shell, but given away with it:
  • 2 rear shock absorbers
  • exhaust pipes (from catalyst converter to rear end)
  • catalyst converter

  • second half of the interior plastic covers

  • whipper mechanism and motor + whipper

  • expansion tank + hoses

  • brake master-cylinder master vac (no master cylinder)

  • clutch and brake pedal unit

  • front brake discs (unusable, just for steel value) and differential mount.

  • bonnet opening command (cable has been cut)

  • front seat belts and Rear seat belt buckles

  • Water radiator double fans

If you need one of these elements separately, please make a fair price offer.

For the whole lot, I ask for 1500kr (or 180€  or £140) and you come collect it (you will need a truck or trailer with a winch or a crane as the car is not rolling)

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